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Platja del Mineral

Within the municipality of Cervera de la Marenda, it ise the first beach on the Red Coast. The walk on the coast road from Portbou does not exceed twenty-five minutes.

It is usually a quiet place with little crowding.


Cala de les Freses

It is the northernmost cove on the Costa Brava. It is accessed by the coast road and, from Portbou, there is no more than fifteen minutes on foot. It is a gravel beach facing south.


Cala del Pi

Within the bay of Portbou, Cala del Pi, although not far from the center, is usually quite lonely. Naturism is often practiced on this beach.


Cala de les tres platgetes

A cove close to the center of Portbou, accessed by the coast road to the north and the journey is less than ten minutes. A quiet and kind place.


Platja petita of Portbou

Platja Petita is located on the north-western side of Portbou Bay, separated from Platja Gran by a huge rock and practically inside the village, although a little cornered.

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Platja Gran of Portbou

It is the main and most extensive beach in Portbou, located in an arch between the Town Hall and the old fishermen's huts. Adjacent to the boardwalk, it has all catering services nearby.


Cala El Claper

  Small and hidden cove in the southern part of Portbou, past the port. It is accessed by stairs that start from the first closed bend of the old road.