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Serra de l'Albera

Powerful route for people with strong legs. From Portbou to the north by tracks and mountain paths. First to Cervera and Banyuls, then inland to cross the Albera by the Coll de Banyuls. The return through Espolla and Vilamaniscle to Llançà.

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65 km. Round trip, return by train. High difficulty. Alt: 335m. Between 8 and 9 hours.

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El Coll de la Farella

This route goes up to the Coll de la Farella on the south side of the Portbou valley, crosses the Albera and once it has bordered the Querroig, it crosses it again to go down to the Portbou swamp and then to the town following the stream.

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22.6 km. Circular route. High difficulty. Altitude: 553 m. Between 4 and 5 hours.

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Empordà's marshes

Starting from Vilajuïga train station, a route of great scenic beauty with many points of architectural and ornithological interest. A long and very flat walk with the possibility of making several stops at bird observatories.

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47 km. Circular, round trip by train. Low difficulty. Altitude: 45 m. A whole day.

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Between vineyards in the plain and Albera

From the Empordà plain to taste the slopes of the Albera hills and return around Vilabertran and Peralada. A route between vineyards by paths at times stony, at times soaked, at times lonely, at times shady, at times old roads, at times narrow paths.

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40 km. Circular, round trip by train. Low difficulty. Altitude: 142 m. A whole day.


By the Empordà plain

Quiet and flat route between fields and villages of Alt Empordà. A magnificent walk through an area without noise or crowds. Vilajuïga, Peralada, Vilanova de la Muga, Marzà and back.

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28.6 km. Circular, round trip by train. Low difficulty. Altitude: 38 m. Between 3 and 4 hours.


To Castelló d'Empúries

Walk between fields of the Empordà plain, narrow and lonely roads and pleasant paths. A route that does not require any prior preparation, perfect for people who are not used to it or to do with family, the elderly or children.

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22 km. Circular, round trip by train. Very low difficulty.  Alt: 58 m. From 1 to 2 hours.