Art and culture


Dalí Museum

Dalí Theater-Museum, the largest surrealist object in the world, occupies the building of the old theater, built in the 19th century, partially destroyed at the end of the Civil War. On these ruins, Dalí decided to create his museum.

From Portbou, 40 minutes by car.


Ecomuseum-Farinera, in Castelló d'Empúries

The Flour Ecomuseum allows the discovery of the factory space and the knowledge of the varieties of wheat, the systems used by man to grind it, the phases of the industrial process and the source of energy that makes operate the machinery.

From Portbou, 35 minutes by car.


Toy Museum

In 1982, the Museu del Joguet of Catalonia was inaugurated on the premises of the old Hotel París - and before Casa Terrades. The space has been one of the most active and popular initiatives in Figueres, welcoming tens of thousands of visitors each year.

From Portbou, 40 minutes by car.

Museu_d'Ar t girona.jpg

Girona Art Museum

The Girona Art Museum offers an extensive tour of art from the Girona region, from the Romanesque to the present day. The visit allows the discovery of exceptional works, such as the 14th and 15th century altarpieces or the 19th century painting, in a space full of history, the old Episcopal Palace, the institution's headquarters.

From Portbou, 1 hour by car.


Terracotta Museum

The Terracotta Museum, in La Bisbal d'Empordà, is a museum of pottery and industrial ceramics inaugurated in 1991. Its aim is to preserve and disseminate the scientific, technical and industrial heritage of Bisbal ceramics and to explain the process of industrialization.

From Portbou, 1 hour by car.

museu jueus girona.jpg

Museum of Jewish History

The Museum of the History of the Jews of Girona is located in the Bonastruc ça Porta center, in the middle of the Call of Girona, right in the space occupied by the synagogue. The museum is responsible for preserving and disseminating the history of the Jewish communities that contributed to the country's cultural and scientific development.

From Portbou, 1 hour by car.


Cinema Museum

The Tomàs Mallol Cinema Museum-Collection is a space for scientific, cultural and recreational participation. It aims to disseminate knowledge of the history of the moving image and cinema through the conservation, research, interpretation and permanent exhibition of the Tomàs Mallol Collection and other collections.

From Portbou, 1 hour by car.


Anchovy and Salt Museum

The Anchovy and Salt Museum, in L'Escala, shows the history of fishing and salting blue fish, from the 16th century to the present day, and immerses us in a time, a heritage and unique knowledge on the Catalan coast.

From Portbou, 50 minutes by car.


Watercolor Museum

The Museu de l'Aquarel·la is a public collection of watercolors that was born in 1989 with the donation by the painter J. Martínez Lozano of a hundred watercolors to the City Council of Llançà.

From Portbou, 10 minutes by train or 15 minutes by car.

museu empordà.jpg

Empordà Museum

The Museu de l'Empordà is an institution in Figueres aimed at researching, conserving and disseminating local and regional cultural heritage. It was created by the City Council in 1946. Its antecedents date back to 1885, when the Institut Ramon Muntaner in Figueres received a batch of works of art in storage from Museu del Prado, in Madrid.

From Portbou, 40 minutes by car.

museu jacint rigau.jpg

Jacint Rigau Art Museum

This collection, initially made up of the work of the Catalan painter Jacint Rigau-Ros Serra (1659-1743), which began to be collected in the first third of the 19th century, has become the most important art museum in Roussillon.

From Portbou, 55 minutes by car.


Perpignan Museum of Natural History

Located in a 15th-century palace built by the Blanes family, the Perpignan Museum of Natural History offers exhibitions, themed tours, educational workshops and events related to the field of science and nature throughout the year.

From Portbou, 55 minutes by car.